Galland Consulting

Project and program management, strategic planning, and business development for grid-edge technology and renewable energy systems integration work.

Matt Galland, Founder

Matt is a program director and business development manager that for the last decade has helped companies run a multitude of solar + energy storage and microgrid systems integration R&D demonstration projects for the Department of Energy, the California Energy Commission, and the California Public Utilities Commission. At SunPower, Matt proposed, won, and managed more than $30M of grants for early-stage solar + energy storage business, including utility and homebuilder partnerships for residential net-zero energy homebuilding, community solar and microgrid programs. He then went on to lead Enphase’s microinverter business development in channel programs and small, islanded microgrids. Matt now consults with innovative companies on a range of emerging energy applications, technologies, business models, grants, and other programs.

Domain expertise: Microgrids; Solar PV; Energy storage; Electric vehicle supply equipment; Smart inverters; Demand management; Residential and commercial energy monitoring and controls; Data analytics; Distributed energy resource management systems; Zero net energy homebuilding; Technology integration; Energy policy and regulation; Research and development grant programs.

Representative clients, partners and agency affiliations: SunPower, NEXTracker, Enphase, Alion Energy, Sandia National Labs, SunSpec, Peak Load Management Alliance, Grid Alternatives, PowerHouse, Pacific Energy Center, Underwriter Laboratories, Pacific Gas & Electric, California Energy Commission, and California Public Utilities Commission.


We provide distributed energy technology management consulting services to advise and assist your project planning and business development initiatives from strategy to execution, transforming ideas into action and value propositions into new business models and revenue streams.

Plan & Design

Facilitated executive and strategic leadership workgroups. Customer focus group studies. Market research. Needs assessments. Project scoping. Requirements development and documentation. Staffing and budgeting. Business modeling. Project timeline, milestone and resource planning. Financing.  Proposal development. Bid management. Contracting.

Build & Test

Stakeholder and staff team engagement and communications. Project status reporting.  Issue escalation and resolution management. Staff management. Contract task performance monitoring. Subcontracting. Project accounting, billing, and periodic reporting. Unit and system test script development. Commissioning planning.

Deploy & Scale

Commissioning. Monitoring, measurement, and evaluation. Customer support. Issue management.  Regulatory reporting. Community outreach. Training and education. Change management. Team leadership. Contract disposition or renegotiation. Vendor managemenet. Trade show management. Public relations. Deal monetization and economics scaling.